Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Updated Spider Gallery!

We've been busy gathering more images of orchard spiders and putting together useful captions for each.  All of our natural enemy galleries are in the process of being similarly updated. Start viewing this newest gallery now!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New BC articles to appear in the Good Fruit Grower magazine

An adult green lacewing (Chrysopa nigricornis),  just
one of the natural enemies we show growers
how to identify at our winter workshops. 
Only a month into the new year and we've already been really busy with our outreach efforts. We've started off the season with workshops for the industry to learn how to identify natural enemies in their orchards and how to better manage them within their pest management programs. In addition to the workshops, we have presented many of our research results at the Orchard Pest and Disease Conference in Portland, OR, as well as at the winter grower meetings around Washington state.

But our biggest outreach undertaking is a series of articles which will appear in the winter and spring issues of The Good Fruit Grower magazine. The first article due is out in the February 1 issue entitled, "Enhancing Biological Control - Overview of a five-year project" which gives (as the title suggests) a good overview of what we've accomplished and what we've learned so far as a result of this project. The second article, "Natural Enemy Inventory - Knowing what's in your orchard helps to stabilize your IPM program" will appear in the February 15th issue. Stay tuned - there are 6 more planned for the subsequent issues.